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Been a super, super long day -


- full of that high-intensity mania we rarely see. I have a headache that is threatening to do its own taxes.

We thought this would be a little heads-up, buuuuuuuut IDK how registration for LCHP isn’t going to be like the Hunger Games. I mean, there’ll be less killing, I suppose. Because the…

I’m super excited about this, but with only 500 spots I’m not holding my breath. I would love to attend a leakycon like 2011 again! But my friends and I are adults with jobs, and probably won’t be able to sit on the computer when tickets go on sale. Maybe a lottery system, where previous leakycon attendees get first dibs? 500 barely seems like enough to cover staff and special guests who want to return. I’m sure it will be amazing, so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed everything works out :) I’m super stoked about the idea though! HP is the only fandom at leakycon that really pulls me in, so this is right up my alley :) 

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